smARt est. 2015 is the product of a fruitful collaboration of two young professionels, a small startup or boutique agency, offering new- wave solutions in communication. We are two young and dedicated entrepreneurs, PR and marketing expert Orsolya Kuzma and software developer Udeme Etentuk who’s vision is nothing less, than to revolutionize print- and object based communication with Augmented Reality.

The technical revolution of mobile phones over the past 10 years changed not only our working habits or everyday communication. Showed us a whole new direction and brand new ways of “get more info” and changed our shopping habits and behaviour.

Today this revolutionary item, the smart phone is eligible to anyone, and it is not only a device to make calls with family and friends or send text messages. The whole internet and it’s incredible data is just a click away from us, we take photos and share it immediately via email or post it on our social media profile.

We believe there is a huge potential in mixing mobile devices and objects or print materials, publications in communication. We can connect with consumers through a more specific and refined way. Involving Augmented Reality (AR) a publication can interactively help in orientation, to access specific information or even to reserve a table for Friday.